Danielle Martinez works with acrylic paints, charcoal, watercolor and pastels, to name a few. She also works in mixed media. She takes on commissions as well as freelance digital design work.


Growing up in the museums of downtown San Diego and in beautiful beachside La Jolla, Danielle developed an appreciation for all types of art. This appreciation was complemented by her attendance at comic conventions.


Danielle attended the Kubert School for Cartooning and Graphic art, Dover, New Jersey in 2001; the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2009 and in 2016 became a certified Grumbacher painting and drawing instructor for Michaels Art and Crafts.


Her work has been seen at Associated Artists of Butler, Art Institute of Pittsburgh Gallery of Art and Our Beautiful Waters juried exhibit show at Gallery 14.

She lives and works in Vero Beach, Florida.